Hard disks perform different forms in computers, to store and recover data.These types of hard disks and use has increased with advancement.

HDD or Hard disk drive is non-volatile in a random-access manner for a large amount of data.

Giving access to data in a simplified manner and secure was therefore making it a popular storage device.

Many Server hard disks are available for the kind of usage in a different format.

Convenience over the place of work and choosing the appropriate one.


Types of Hard Disks

  • SAS Hard Disks
  • SATA Hard Disks

Serial Attached SCSI [SAS]

Serial attached SCSI or SAS transfers data from Server Motherboard to storage device using a point to point protocol.

Replacing the former parallel attached SCSI by SAS is fast and quickly transfers huge data.

The first brought was in the 1980s.

SAS-1 was introduced in 2004 with a speed of 3 Gbit/s and slowly evolved to SAS-5 recently at 45 Gbits/s.

Unlike Server SSD, these hard disks have a moving disk at 15,000 rpm and store data at high speed, thus have a high transfer rate.

Because of high speed, transfer rate, and efficiency, SAS hard disks are used in workstations and servers.

SAS Features

Different types of hard disks have additional features and are used at distinct places. SAS hard disks have their kind of features.

  • These complex disk types come with no termination issue, which was seen in former parallel hard disks.
  • SAS hard disks enable 65,000+ devices using expanders. Meanwhile, parallel SCSI has limited it to 16 devices.
  • These hard disks support dual-port, providing a multipath system known as dual-domain SAS.
  • It gives a much higher rate of data transfer ( 3,6,12 Gbits/s) than parallel SCSI.

SAS Hard Disk Benefits

SAS type of hard disk provides benefits over function, efficiency, and significant advantages over buying hard disks.

  • SAS hard disks have fast read/write speed but have less space. The response of the data is much quicker.
  • These hard disks are provided with dual-port, and brief hence can be used for 24/7 workplaces.
  • These hard disks use command queuing and manage data sequentially rather than offloading it to the Server CPU.

SAS Applications

SAS hard disks give us significant benefits over other types of hard disks and distinct features, so these hard disks are used in many places.

These complex disk types function at high speed with less storage thus used in places such as servers.

SAS hard disks support both personal and enterprise-level uses but are often utilized at the official level of work.

Though SAS hard disks have their benefits and drawbacks, the utility should be straightforward before buying hard disks.

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment [SATA]

SATA hard disk is an interface attached serially to connecting devices to store/retrieve and transfer data.

These hard disks are ubiquitous and can be connected to any computer; they are usually used for personal work and servers.

They work on a magnetic interface to store data on moving disks and thus make them slower than SSD hard disks.

SATA hard disks were first brought in 2000 but released in 2003 to upgrade the former PATA (parallel advanced technology attachment).

These hard disks are not a good choice for a laptop as they are not the high end for write/read.

SATA Features

SATA hard disks are one of the frequently used storage devices in PCs hence provide features, making them popular.

  • These hard disks require SATA device Hotplugging, which makes specifications for any device insertion or removal from the connector.
  • SATA hard disks are also provided with an advanced host controller interface(AHCI) to permit an advanced interface for SATA users on hotplug and native command queuing.
  • They work on an interface that writes/reads commands to make them more efficient.

SATA Hard Disk Benefits

Knowing that these kindhard disks are prevalent and used at many places has ample benefits.

  • SATA hard disks benefit ample space at less cost to store or transfer massive data.
  • SATA hard disks have a transfer rate much higher than former PATA because of serial connection.
  • They consume less power Compared to other hard disks at 200mV.
  • They consume less power Compared to other hard disks at 200mV.
  • Sharing a band is not seen in these disks as they allow only one disk per controller chip.

SATA Applications

SATA hard disks are brought into use in many places because of their benefits and features. Above all, it has a user-friendly interface.

Observing that these types of hard disks are used in personal work because of their large space to a compromising price.

Due to its fast transfer or read/write speed, buying these hard disks for server storage is a good choice due to its quick transfer or read/write rate.

It offers a great choice to buy hard disks because of its low price to high-efficiency function.

Difference between SAS and SATA Hard Disks

Both hard disks were used in different places due to their pros and cons; it depends on the quality required to choose between them.


SAS has a higher price for the same storage hard disk when compared to SATA hard disks.


Transfer or read/write speed is low in SATA compared to SAS hard disks due to a difference in rpm of disks.

Importance is given to speed for SAS hard disks and capacity in SATA.

Storage capacity

SATA hard disks are available in large ranges to 16 TB, whereas SAS is limited to 2TB.

Power consumption

SATA is said to have less power consumption than an average SAS hard disk.


SATA is used for personal and server work, whereas SAS is often seen in the 24/7 work function.


SAS is seen to have a high-performance level. Meanwhile, SATA has a comparatively lower performance level.


SATA hard disks are less reliable in an hour of functioning, whereas SAS is more reliable.


In SATA, all four wires are in the same cable, whereas in SAS, they are divided into two different lines giving connectivity to more devices.


Different types of hard disks are available for various purposes. Any one of them cannot overlook other types.

Some may be good at various qualities while others in some quality. Server Hard disks cannot be judged by any other types because they have different attributes.

For example, SATA hard disks are suitable for personal work because of their low price and high space, while SAS is suitable for the office of server workers as they have high speed and efficiency.

It depends on the quality to seek and buy Server hard disks of appropriate type knowing about them.